Polar Bear Plunge Minneapolis features Elvis, brides, and gnomes [VIDEO]

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POlar Plunge 1.JPG
This guy takes the plunge with a group of lawn gnomes
Throughout the winter months folks around town like to get dressed in funny costumes and jump into various Minnesota lakes. No, they're not drunk or crazy (well, maybe a little crazy). These intentional plunges into icy waters are for a good cause: Participants raise money to benefit the Special Olympics.

Last Saturday, jumpers were in full force (and full costume) at Lake Calhoun, where fundraisers gleefully plunged while dressed as ridiculously as possible. City Pages was at the event to capture the hilarity. Watch gnomes, club kids, and brave women in bikinis splash in the cold water after the jump.

Does this look like fun? Upcoming jump locations include Eden Prairie and Grand Rapids. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until 2012 to attempt to thwart hypothermia for charity. For more information, visit www.plungemn.org.

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