Blogger creates mall directory for The Simpsons' Springfield Mall

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File this one under people who have too much time on their hands, but do entertaining things as a result. Jeff Wysaki, author of a blog titled Pleated Jeans, has created a mall directory for Springfield Mall from The Simpsons.

Taking a quick perusal of stores works as an extended in-joke, but also as an archival romp through the never ending series. Stores include Ned Flanders's Leftorium, Lardand Donuts, Dingo Junction, and Kentucky Fried Panda (plus eight Starbucks, of course).

Citing Simpsons Wiki as a source (he most likely is now very well acquainted with the "locations" section of the website), Wysaki has perhaps created the only mall directory folks will ever actually want to peruse.

Check the map in all its (much larger) glory over at the Pleated Jeans blog.

springfield mall.JPG

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