Weisman staff unbox cool vintage finds with their archive project

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Though the Weisman Art Museum has closed its doors while the building is spruced up with a $14 million dollar expansion, employees are also working on their own construction project, though there's no dry wall or spackle involved. During the closing, exhibition staff are creating a new archival system for the museum, processing and organizing around 180 boxes of materials, some of which dates back to the 1930s.

Every few days or so the Weisman art blog posts a new find, which has included exhibition photos (modern Swedish furniture reminiscent of IKEA), art happenings (Japanese flower demonstrations), staff images, and media that remains a mystery until there can be further investigation. One recent box included cool event posters from the '50s. The simple font and bold design can be seen echoing in promo posters for 2011 happenings.

As the project expands, the archives should also shed light on the dramatic transition that the Weisman has had over the past 80 or so years, from taking up a handful of rooms in the Northrop Building (which is also currently closed as it is being expanded and modernized), to its early '90s move to its new home in the striking building designed by Frank Gehry.

You can check out some of their recent finds, and watch for new discoveries at the Weisman blog.

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