You could be the next Air Sex world champion

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Air Sex, of course. Because why not?
Simulating sex acts in front of a large group of people is generally frowned upon. Do it on the bus, at your office holiday party, or at the PTO meeting and you're likely to get tut-tutted. Or arrested, as the case may be.

But, human beings being what we are, there are people out there who want a safe and welcoming outlet for their erotic mime performances, and there are people who like to watch. And that's why there is the Air Sex competition, coming this Saturday to the Nomad World Pub.

Judging by the competition's NSFW YouTube Channel, this competition is exactly what you'd expect from an event that combines the thrilling pantomime of Air Guitar with the voyeuristic gratification of watching other people fuck.

Not every performance may be your cup of tea, but it takes all kinds. Consider for example, this Atlanta gentleman's man-on-sheep amorous stylings.

I guess the lesson is: don't think you're going to walk off with a trophy for some weak-sauce vanilla routine. This is your chance to really show the world what you're all about, so let your freak flag fly.

Air Sex championships.JPG
A competitor in the heat of the moment

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