Jean Bardot's Fetish Ball 2011: A fun freak show with an insane finale (NSFW)

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Photo by B FRESH Photography
Producer Sybil Minnelli with Mistress of Ceremonies Jean Bardot
​It was an usually provocative Friday evening for the Varsity Theater for the 2011 Fetish Ball as scents of rubber, lube, and incense filled the air. Any unsuspecting, typical Varsity concert-goers and stragglers from the Twins stadium were in for a real kink in their plans. Producer Sybil Minnelli (in the tight purple corset), and Mistress of Ceremonies Jean Bardot (who donned the huge rubber breast suit), crafted a supreme freak show for the record books.

With fetish and kink connoisseurs from all corners of the globe, it was unlike any Twin Cities gathering my partner and I have ever been to. We may have felt a little under-dressed at times with our simple, all-black ouftits in comparison to the full PVC, leather, and fantasy attire, but we never felt excluded.

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The characters of the evening were incredibly friendly, and my preconceived ideas about "fetish" culture were quickly challenged. A grown man dressed as a baby in diapers? Well, that's a fetish, too. Whips, chains, PVC full
Photo by B FRESH Photography
Fetish Fashion
​body suits, and gas masks were also spotted in the crowd. But it wasn't about rage or anger, it was about having a pleasurable, erotic experience in a safe place. Everyone in the room was all smiles.

Yes, the Bondage A-Go-Go/Ground Zero crowd was present, but the international fetish community also made a sudden swoop into town, snatching away my heart, and any chance for dreamless nights. Personal favorites included the special freak show engagement by the Reverend B Dangerous featuring porn star Kendra James and Minneapolis's own professional dominatrix/head mistress Sharina Nicole of Dungeon Femme Fatale.
While walking through the Varsity, onlookers could view exhibitionists being tied up, gagged, and whipped on the side-stage, as mistress Sharina Nicole engaged clients in various states of sexual bondage. Do you dream of pulling on a man's nipple rings through a cage, while proceeding to whip and spank him? Then you just might have a calling as a professional dominatrix.

Photo by B FRESH Photography
Professional dominatrix Sharina Nicole of the Dungeon Femme Fatale with client
Another favorite was Ron the Human Carpet who has an extreme love for being trampled by the ladies.  

The finale by the Reverend B. Dangerous was an embodiment of freakiness. Some may call it artistic, but what we witnessed was the Rev's own downright disgusting reality. His performance was not for the faint of heart: He ate a huge roach, inhaled a condom and pulled it out his throat, hammered a nail into his nose, attached a large briefcase to his nipple rings and swung it around like a madman, smashed his face into glass, ate a light bulb, and lit firecrackers in his pants. And then I briefly blacked out from the imagined pain.
Most performances were enticing. The crowd was large enough to keep our interest all night, but small enough to leave us anticipating the next fetish ball already. Those who didn't join in on the festivities of this year's celebration, you should be, well, spanked.

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