50 Reasons Minnesota is the best state in America

30. We've got a light rail that can zip you around to major destinations within the Twin Cities.

29. Riverboats. Bands. Booze. Yep, we know how to throw a good party, nautical style.

Diablo Cody was the first CP writer to win an Academy Award.
28. The 2008 Oscars were dominated by foreigners... and Minnesotans (the Coen brothers for writing, directing, and producing, and former City Pages writer Diablo Cody for writing).

27. When President Obama spoke recently in Cannon Falls, he started off his speech by commenting on the beautiful summer weather, inspiring some hearty Minnesotans to simply yell out, "Fishing!"
26. We vote: In 2010, 55.5 percent of Minnesotans hit the polls, tying with Maine for the highest voter turnout in the country.

25. Maplewood-based 3M is the innovative company behind the post-it note and Scotch tape -- and a half-dozen other things that make life easier and safer.

24. The world's best apple, Honeycrisp, was bred by U of M horticulturists.

23. We inspire eco-conscious drinking with Prairie Organic vodka locally distilled from Minnesota grain.

22.  Whether you're into rock, hip-hop, or dance music, we've got you covered. The Twin Cities has a note-worthy scene for all these genres.

Minnesota music luminaries
21. We gave the world Prince and Bob Dylan.

20. People come from around the world to be treated at the Mayo Clinic.

19. Acme Comedy Club is a favorite venue -- and audience -- for touring comedians everywhere.

18. We really don't give a #@$% what you think of our accents.
The Walker Art Center

17. We're home to the Walker Art Center, one of the most celebrated galleries in the world.

16. We have the greatest ballpark in the country.

15. The nation's top two independent book publishers are both in Minnesota. You can look for the 3rd best somewhere in Manhattan.

14. DIY art is part of our DNA.

13. We were deep-frying stuff back before it was cool. 

12. The University of Minnesota is the country's most affordable school located in the heart of a big city.

11. All of our excellent neighborhood bakeries: Rustica, Sun Street Breads, Turtle Bread,
Wuollet, and Patisserie 46.

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