Diablo Cody interviews John Krasinski for Red Band Trailer

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Diablo Cody's fun webisode series, Red Band Trailer, has recently uploaded a new video. In it, Cody chats with The Office star John Krasinski. The event was celebrated with a carafe of jelly beans, and Krasinski shares some unusual tidbits, including how he has played paddle ball in Venice with Joey from New Kids on the Block, how he adapted a book by David Foster Wallace, his interest in the history of Chateau Marmont, and how his The Office casting session was basically a roomful of Jims.


Watch the video after the jump. 

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This is like overhearing a conversation between two precious assholes at Spyhouse. Anyone make it through the whole thing?

Jessica Armbruster
Jessica Armbruster

People at Spyhouse play ping pong with Joey from NKOTB and adapt David Foster Wallace novels? I need to spend some time eavesdropping there...

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