Top 10 most expensive Halloween costumes of 2011

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Don't be an idiot
Halloween is a competitive holiday. It's a race to see who can be the funniest, the sexiest, or the most outrageous with their costume. But there's another group out there who aren't interested in putting in the time or creativity, and just want to show off their bankroll (Editor's note: Please don't do it literally like this guy).

Just imagine the conversation at the candy bowl:

Friend: "DUDE!? Your costume is the shiiiiiiiet!"

You:  "Isn't it? No big deal, just spent a cool 15 hondo on it." (It's at this point where you twirl).

Mouth off about the price tag and you will either sound like a total douchebag or the life of the party, depending on, well, whether or not you're a total douchebag. But that's what the costume's for -- if you do or say something ridiculous, you can just play the "must have been the OTHER Transformer" card.

Here, we show you 10 of the most expensive costumes on eBay, complete with accessories and bragging rights.


Tron Legacy Costume
Listing price: $1,500

While this is the most inexpensive on the list, we've got to admit right off that bat that it's probably the coolest. Any chick that can rock a Tron costume this well is a-OK with us. Plus, you could use your disc as a coaster like it ain't no thang. "Yes, I would totally love to hear your tired thoughts on Tron:The Movie but first let me set my Svedka on my life-chip."


Transformers Costume
Listing price: $2,950

Just think of all the stupid things you could get away with in this costume. Tell anyone you like that their costume is not up to your system requirements, and if they protest? CRUSH THEM.


Carmen Miranda Costume
Listing price: $2,999

Brazilian samba singer Carmen Miranda was noted by some to be the highest earning woman in the United States during her heyday in the '40s. There is a downside to this costume, though: Everyone will think you're the Chiquita chick.   


Beast Illusion Costume
Listing price: $3,122

Okay, if this monstrosity came gliding into the room at our Halloween party, we would all stop and gawk. Your real legs go into the beast's, if you haven't figured that out, and fake legs dangle from the side. Get to the party early to claim your territory, and let others come to you with their adoration, because we can't imagine maneuvering a packed kegger in this thing would be very fun. This costume also has huge recycling potential for future Halloweens or Zombie Pub Crawls.  


White Minotaur
Listing price: $4,500

Bonus: You'd get to tell people you're a MINOTAUR. Even the word is fun to say. Will Ferrell dropped supreme knowledge when asked who would win in a fight: a Minotaur with a trident or a centaur with a crossbow. "A minotaur is a very stubborn creature, and there is nothing more heroic than a trident. When thrown properly, forget about it."  Arm yourself, good sir, but make sure you at least butt some poor fool with those (real!) horns.

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