John Waters-designed T-shirt endorses sex, voting: Free giveaway

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Have sex in a voting booth.jpg
John Waters and Aaron LaCrate
During his prolific career John Waters has directed movies, penned novels, toured on the lecture circuit, and curated art exhibits (including the Walker Art Center's "Absentee Landlord"). Now the Renaissance man of trash-culture can add designer to his resume, as he recently collaborated with Baltimore-based music producer, DJ, and artist Aaron LaCrate to create an original T-shirt for sale.

The campaign-button inspired tee, which boldly encourages folks to "Have sex in a voting booth!," will be coming to the WAC's gift shop in the near future.

City Pages readers can enter to win a free shirt right now.

In the comments section of this post, share with us your favorite John Waters flick. In order to enter to win, be sure to sign in to one of your social networking accounts so that we can contact you if you win.

We'll select a winner on Thursday morning.

Have sex in a voting booth tee.jpg

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“Multiple Maniacs” is by far his best creation, even thoughJohn Waters may never release this masterpiece on DVD, “The Cavalcade ofPerversion” is pure glory…


gotta go with cry baby!


Cecil B. DeMented!

Jessica Armbruster
Jessica Armbruster

Congrats Jeff! I have drawn your name from my coffee mug. I will be contacting your shortly on how to claim your prize...

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