Sprout the cat gets wedged in a car engine [PHOTOS]

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sprout with tuna thumb.jpg
Now we know what a cat stuck in a car engine looks like.
Sprout the cat was a little on edge. His owners left town and put him in the care of a cat sitter down the block, and that just wasn't sitting right. So come nightfall he stayed outside, roaming the yards of his Chaska neighborhood.

At some point, Sprout must have gotten very cold. Looking for shelter, he found what appeared to be a hospitable place to bed down for the night -- the still-warm engine of a silver sedan.

This, as it turns out, was a terrible decision.

The next morning, the woman who owned the car hopped in to drive to work and turned on the engine -- to a peal of pained yowling. Mystified, she killed the motor and opened the hood, where she found a very confused feline face staring back at her from underneath her motor. Frantically, she tried to get Sprout out, but the cat was seriously stuck. So she did the only thing she could think of -- call 911.

Chaska Police Sergeant Mike Duzan was first on the scene, and tried to lure Sprout out with a can of tuna. He was very interested, but clearly couldn't budge. So Duzan rolled up his sleeves and started taking the car apart.

Check out Sprout's date with the air intake below:

tiny cat face engine.jpg
Hmmm, something is not right with this photo. What is it?
sad cat face.jpg
This is the saddest cat face ever.
sprout with tuna.JPG
Who could eat at a time like this?
cat coming unstuck.jpg
More of Sprout becomes visible as Chaska police dismantle the car.
free sprout.jpg
Free the Chaska 1!
sprout ouch.jpg

Duzan says that the entire time he was getting Sprout out, the cat was quiet and patient.

"We pulled him out by the face," he says. "But he was real good. He seemed to know we were there to try to get him out."

Afterwards, he says Sprout was very greasy, but unharmed. He didn't even need to go to the vet. Duzan put the woman's car back together and closed the case.

"Both the cat and the car worked afterward," he says. "Both purring like new."

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