Top 16 Dressing Room photos of October 2011

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It has been an exceptionally ghoulish October​Every month, City Pages slideshows and the Dressing Room arts blog cover a really random variety of happenings in the Twin Cities. From the Zombie Pub Crawl to haunted basement tours to behind-the-scenes glimpses of The Rocky Horror Show, we've got something for everyone. Check out some of the most entertaining, colorful, and unusual images we snapped this month. Click on the links to see more great images.

It has been an exceptionally ghoulish October

wamdemonium-at-the-weisman.Mark Kartarik.jpg

WAMdemonium! at the Weisman
Photos by Mark Kartarik


Halloween Costumes in the Twin Cities (YOUR PHOTOS)
Photos by you

vintage-did-it-first-blacklist-vintage-brings-ny-couture-to-mn-closets.B Fresh.jpg

Vintage Did It First: Blacklist Vintage brings NY couture to MN closets
Photos by B Fresh Photography

zombie-pub-crawl.B Fresh.jpg

Zombie Pub Crawl
Photos by B Fresh Photography

too-much-love-zombie-pub-crawl-edition-Cody Lidtke.jpg

Too Much Love: Zombie Pub Crawl Edition
B Fresh Photography

oktoberfest-twin-cities- Austin Fassino.jpg

Oktoberfest Twin Cities 2011
Photos by Austin Fassino

black-hearts-burlesque-were-all-going-to-hell Austin Fassino.jpg

Black Angels Burlesque: 'We're All Going To Hell'
Photography by Austin Fassino

native-pride-dancers-at-the-cowles-center-for-dance-and-the-performing-arts Mark Kartarik.jpg

Native Pride Dancers at the Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts
Photos by Kartarik

twin-cities-magic-and-costume-the-tour Mark Kartarik.jpg

Twin Cities Magic and Costume: The tour
Photos by Mark Kartarik

top-10-scares-at-the-soap-factorys-haunted-basement-2011 B Fresh.jpg

Top 10 Scares at the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement 2011
Photos by B Fresh

the-erratics-at-patricks-cabaret Mark Kartarik.jpg

The Erratics! at Patrick's Cabaret
Photos by Mark Kartarik

oktboulderfest-at-vertical-endeavors Austin Fassino.jpg

Oktoboulderfest at Vertical Endeavors
Photos by Austin Fassino

fashion-around-the-world-a-holiday-bazaar-at-the-ritz ed neaton.jpg

Fashion Around the World: A Holiday Bazaar at the Ritz
Photos by Ed Neaton

the-making-of-a-queen-photoshoot B Fresh.jpg

The Making of a Queen Photoshoot/14-Step Drag Queen Makeup Tutorial
Photos by B Fresh Photography

halloween-cover-behind-the-scenes.Austin Fassino.jpg

Halloween Cover: Behind the Scenes
Photos by Austin Fassino


The Rock Horrow Show LIVE! All Access/The Rocky Horror Show Live! The Show
Photos by B Fresh Photography

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