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slagle wedding1.JPG
Ryan Brennan
Best wedding night photo ever. (From right) Tim Slagle, Theresa Johnson, Theresa Cherney, Bob Jakubowski, random witness
I think we can all agree that most weddings are the worst.

With the exception of your own, and perhaps Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, no one really likes attending wedding ceremonies. In fact, people barely even remember them moments after they're done.

But back on Friday, November 4, during the Acme Comedy Company's 20-year-anniversary celebration, Bob Jakubowski and Theresa Cherney bucked that trend when they were married in front of approximately 10 strangers, in a back room, by comedian Tim Slagle.

The whole thing began when the club's early show began to let out. Longtime Acme mainstays Kermit Apio, David Crowe, David Fulton, and Tim Slagle had just finished up their sets in front of a packed crowd of nearly 300 people. Our City Pages film crew was hanging out back in the restaurant, preparing to capture more interviews for the turbo-sweet video that accompanied this week's feature (CHEAP PLUG ALERT: Read this week's feature and watch the video now). 

As the crowd began to filter out of the club and into the bar, Slagle walked in with three people in tow. "Hey, can we do a wedding back here real quick?" he asked.

slagle wedding 2.jpg
Ryan Brennan
Slagle signing the marriage certificate, making it official (though still surreal).
And just like that, it was wedding time at Acme. Here's the backstory:

The day before his performance, Slagle posted on his Facebook page that he was now authorized to perform marriages in the State of Minnesota. He did so in preparation of a friend's upcoming wedding, where he was asked to officiate. Cherney, a longtime fan and soon-to-be-bride had plans to attend the Friday night show, and reached out to Slagle about marrying her and her fiancé, Jakubowski. Slagle was quick to oblige.

It was a brief ceremony, with Cherney's close friend Theresa Johnson and a randomly selected audience member serving as witnesses, our City Pages video team playing the part of wedding photographer, and one quasi-drunk writer filling in as the embarrassing cousin no one wants to invite but doesn't have a choice.

Afterwards, Jakubowski admitted that he had no prior knowledge of his impending nuptials at Acme until only several hours prior, though unlike most dudes who get tricked into shotgun weddings, he was actually pretty psyched about the whole thing.

Once the ceremony wrapped up, Slagle signed the marriage certificate and headed back towards the bar to visit with his fellow comics, adding yet another Acme story to his constantly growing repertoire.

Impromptu wedding @ Acme Comedy Club (With Tim Slagle) from Black Iris Media on Vimeo.

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