Halloween costumes 2011: Sexiest, most badass, group effort, and more

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Photo by Cody Lidtke
Most of us construct our Halloween costumes out of junk from our closet, or buy something the day of at a pop-up costume store. However, there are usually a few folks each year who stand out at a party simply because they took the time, money, and effort to create a truly awesome get up. City Pages photographers have been hunting down these rare finds, from costumes that stun us with gore, to looks that require a group in order to be complete, to sexy styles that actually are attractive.

Come can check out out top five looks in a variety of categories from over the weekend and Monday night.

Top 5 funny costumes:
Funny part-2.74cody lidtke01930.87.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke
The Jolly Green Giant and Monkeys in a Barrel are buds

Funny 3 Austin Fassino.jpg
Photo by Austin Fassino
Snap into it!

Funny 2 Cody Lidtke.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke
Choking the chicken...

Funny cody lidtke 2.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke

Funny David Eckblad-2011.7401696.87.jpg
Photo by David Eckblad
Hip-hop hamsters

Top 5 badass costumes:

Badass cody lidtke7402306.87.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke
Two really awesome costumes...

Badass cody lidtke 1.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke
Zombies are a little played out, but these two did an awesome job

Badass Austin Fassino.jpg
Photo by Austin Fassino
Great take on Edward Scissorhands
Badass 2 Cody Lidtke.jpg
Photo by Cody Lidtke
Awesome makeup

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Wow.. I feel totally disrespected.. I went ALL out on my freddy costume, and yet no praise what so ever?  I mean hey I was getting looks and compliments all night.. How couldn't you guys even choose me?? Heck, I should have even been up there for the contest...  I wasn't just your typical "generic" Freddy... I had the detail down to absolute perfection, and it was based off the 1st, 1984 look.. If you people really understood how much detail went into that, I would have won 1st place... silicone, lifelike mask.. I had on a REAL glove too, JUST like in the move.. AND I actually had the same sweater made by the same exact company, who made the sweater in the 1st film.. all this cost me like oh, a little over 1000 bucks that's all... Whatever I guess, it is what is is....


Melanie Iglesias has just released Flip Book Part 3. This stop motion video is a special edition for Halloween and is a compilation of approximately 2,000 photos featuring Melanie Iglesias in 15 different Halloween costumes. http://goo.gl/yOg1a


"Zombies are a little played out" from the publication that was sucking the zombie dick of the zombie pub crawl for a whole month

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