Christmas ornaments that will make you go 'WTF?' 2011 edition

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Kewpie severed head.jpg
Taking a look at a family's Christmas tree decorations can be surprisingly personal. Many folks adorn their pine with pieces commemorating weddings, births, and graduations. Some are family heirlooms, some handmade, and others are so special that they always go in the best spot on the tree.

And then there are the ones that you wouldn't miss if they ended up in the wrapping paper trash, the ones you put off throwing away, and the ones that you can't even remember where they came from.

Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, and can be cute, stupid, and, sometimes, just plain ugly. This holiday season, we took a moment to surf some websites peddling pieces (Etsy is always a goldmine) in search of some of the weirdest, most hilarious, and downright disturbing holiday ornaments on the market this year (like the Kewpie fork to your right). Enter at your own risk.

Shotgun shell xmas tree star.jpg

Shotgun Shell Tree Star

Because nothing says "Tidings of Comfort and Joy" like a Christmas tree topped with a star made from used shotgun casings, right?

Although, perhaps this would make a nice gift for the hunter in your family?

Elegant deformed christmas star.jpg

Elegant White Starfish

Hm. Elegant might not be the best word to use for this lop-sided starfish...

Bling merman.JPG
Bling Merman

Elegant, however, is the only word that should be used to describe this stylish underwater sea creature. We're not sure how that tank top and hat would work underwater, but who cares. He's going to make it work.

SAD Christmas cloud.jpg
Cloud Christmas Tree Ornament

Do you know someone who suffers from Seasonal Affect Disorder? This sorrowful cloud allows folks to commemorate their painful health issue.

Ceramic oyster.jpg
Ceramic Christmas Oyster

If you hadn't already read the name of this ornament, would you be able to tell what it is? Think of it as the Rorschach test of tree ornaments. Is it a brown tornado? A flattened penny? A bronzed cow turd? Asking friends and family what they think it is could be very telling as to their character and imagination.

Bacon ornament 2011.jpg
Pretty Bacon Ornaments

Okay so, bacon is cool and all, but can this bacon-as-everything trend end? Do you really need bacon earrings, Band Aids, mouthwash, and soap? These are one of over a dozen bacon ornaments to be found on Esty. Keep the bacon on your plates and in your wallets, folks.

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