Enjoy the holiday season like an elf (or a 3rd grader)

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An elf in the city
'Tis the season for elf sightings. While at the Holidazzle parade, we bumped into an elf named Ori. Afterwards, she graciously took us under her wing for an evening on the town at her favorite shops in St. Paul. We stopped by Patina, and took a stroll down Grand Avenue to Creative Kidstuff as she finished up her holiday shopping.

Ori shared some shopping tips with us, as well as some of the things that she has learned in her young life (that won't hurt us to hear again).

1. Don't let the holiday season make you crabby. Learn to have fun window shopping. Because, Mommy always sings, "You can't always get what you want."

2. Get excited about the little things. If you see something cute, it's okay to make a funny noise.

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3. Have fun! Adults are no fun when they are being too serious. Hang some sock monkeys on the tree instead of all of those boring balls.

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4. Even adults need play time. Show your humorous side and give silly gifts to make someone laugh.

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5. Any empty wallet means you gotta put your thinking cap on. Just because you ran out of money doesn't mean you are a bad person. Bake some cookies or write a letter about how much you like someone and put in their stocking.

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6. Kids love to shop for adults. If you are having trouble finding a gift for someone on your list, ask us as we will know what to do.

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7. Enjoy the simple things and don't forget nap time.

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