TLC's 'What Not to Wear' to feature the Minnesota State Fair

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Whatever. Folks at the fair dress awesome
Folks who hang out at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds aren't exactly known for their high style. But let's be realistic here: It's hard to worry about being sartorial when you're dodging horse poo, chowing down on fried candy bars, and spinning around on that Tom Selleck ride in 90 degree heat.

Regardless, the fair is probably pretty ripe picking ground for TLC's What Not To Wear, a show where two style experts scope out bad fashion on the street in search of someone in dire need of a complete makeover. Tuesday night's episode will have an extra helping of Minnesota.

For the upcoming episode, hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London stopped by the fairgrounds last summer before the great Minnesota get-together started up. While wandering through the Agriculture Horticulture Building they discovered Tenessa, a fair fan in need of some glamor and wardrobe updates.

During their stay in Minnesota, the fashion-forward duo also spent some time enjoying the festival, including taking a ride down the infamous giant yellow slide. The show will also feature the unveiling of seed art inspired by the program.

See what happens Tuesday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

S_C_Crop_Art Sandra Fjerkenstad-Budel of St. Paul.jpg
Awesome seed art by Sandra Fjerkenstad-Budel of St. Paul

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A couple years ago I saw a very fat guy, on a very hot day at the Fair, eating some huge fried thing; wearing a t-shirt that said, "I Have To Poop."  Nowhere else.

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