True Colors Bookstore seeks new owner/benefactor

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Want to buy a business? True Colors Bookstore is for sale. This weekend, the current owners sent out the announcement via their events email list that the shop is low on funds. However, the business/space is well maintained and has potential (and is rich in local history as well).

Low sales and difficulties making rent are listed as the main reasons that the bookstore is struggling. "Frankly, business continues to decline," says store owner Ruta Skujins via True Colors' website. "There are days when sales don't even reach $100, and all I find in my donation jar is dust. I owe the landlord several months rent, among other bills. I've supported the store and not taken a paycheck for over three years, and have run out of cash."

Unless someone steps in to help run and finance the business, it will most likely not renew it's lease at the end of February.

The independent bookstore, formerly known as Amazon Feminist Bookstore, was founded over 40 years ago. It went through a name change in recent years after cut them a deal to swap it out. In addition to a healthy amount of LGBT publications available for purchase, the store also has sizable children's, spirituality, and card selections.

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Barb Wieser
Barb Wieser

From one of the former owners of Amazon Bookstore: Just to set the record straight, we did not "cut a deal with to swap out the name." We sued them for trademark infringement, having existed long before started. We agreed to both continue to use the name amazon. The name change occurred when the bookstore was sold to the present owner.

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