Leviticus Tattoo offers $101 Sailor Jerry tattoos on Saturday

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A fresh new tat from Leviticus
If you've ever dreamed of getting the word "MOM" inside a heart on your shoulder or maybe a sweet '40s pinup girl on your ankle, this weekend might just be the time. 

In celebration of the 101st birthday of legendary tattooer Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Leviticus Tattoo is offering $101 tattoos that fall within the Sailor Jerry style of design, known for a thicker outline and unique vintage look. 

"I think it's going to be a pretty bitching little party," shop owner Kurt Melancon tells Dressing Room.

Melancon says the shop is open to Sailor Jerry designs brought in by customers, but he also has a wide array to choose from in-store. He says the tattoos must be small or medium in size (So no half-sleeves or full back pieces this time). To see some examples of Leviticus's "Sailor Jerry" style tattoos, check out the shop's Facebook page.

Leviticus Tattoo was named Best Tattoo Shop in last year's Best Of The Twin Cities guide and is located on East Lake Street in Minneapolis.

If you get a tattoo on Saturday, send us a pic or tweet it to @cpdressingroom. We'll post a slideshow of the new tattoos on Monday!

Flyer Sailor Jerry updated.jpg

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