'Bound for Love' fetish cover: The video interviews (NSFW)

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Jean Bardot & Charger on the cover
This week's cover story, Bound for Love, is in part a first-hand account of my entrance into the Twin Cities fetish world. For the past six months, I have studied fetish, learned first-hand about kink culture through veterans of the community, workshops and meetings, and most importantly, I went in-depth into the lives of 8 local fetish practitioners, getting a glimpse of what makes them tick.

After previously covering Jean Bardot's fetish ball this past August, I knew I had to do a story about this fascinating community. The performances were spectacular, the attendees were happily socializing, but most of all, this community has been around for 40 years and receives no good press (or no press at all). 

City Pages received an overwhelming response for Bound for Love. In addition to the print story, and the 6 photo slideshows, I also produced a short film about the community, a fitting endeavor seeing as though I'm a transmedia producer and the story was so visual.

Learn how Mistress Jean Bardot puts on her latex stockings, what Charger looks like moving around in his pony gear, hear Randy talk about his western style bondage as Lady Lin squirms to get loose under 5 minutes, Sybil suspends her RealDoll Jenny, and the Free Range Silicone crew makes a mini mango plug.

All this and more, here:

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As a member of the Twin Cities/Wisconsin kink community, the fact that "lady" lin was mentioned upsets me. this individual has not only decided to take it upon herself to judge fellow members of the community without ever getting to know them before hand, leaving disparaging remarks about events that, though she was invited to, turned down, only to spread inflammatory statements , she tends to stick within her small clique of friends, both dominant and submissive, and if you are not a member of her "inner circle" you are excluded from even having a civil conversation with this girl. In the future, if you wish to have a broader based group to speak with, please look into not just the bondage community, but the other sub communities of the fetish world, including, but not limited to those into erotic/fetish photography, Dom/sub relationships, just to name a few. The article was well written, but as a reader, I feel that limiting your scope to just a few months/a couple of interactions is not an in depth enough study to truly give even a glimpse into the vast, broad, and unique world of fetishism in general.

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