Emerging Designer Showcase features up-and-coming designers

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Emerging Designer Showcase 2 cr Peter Holme.jpg
Photo by Peter Holme
In continuation with MNfashion's schedule of well-edited events for Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week, l'etoile presented the Emerging Designers Showcase last night. The evening featured a carefully styled runway show highlighting work by a group of talented women whose names we're unlikely to forget.

Five fashion designers showcased three looks each, ranging from day wear to evening wear.  The most notable pieces came from Marissa Bridges who delivered a gorgeous blue lace cocktail dress, and Gina Marie Landes (for Gina Marie Vintage) whose sheer ethereal designs were captivating in their simplicity. These were the kinds of dresses you'd slip on for a summer date at Cafe Barbette. Adding to the creative diversity on the catwalk were theatrical designs by Nicole Larson, contemporary and wearable pieces by Vivian Aronson, and elegant gowns by Caroline Hayden.

Emerging Designer Showcase 3 cr Peter Holme.jpg
Photo by Peter Holme

With an inspiring space like CO Exhibitions, L'etoile and MNfashion produced a show that allowed guests to fully interact with the presentation, view the designs closely, and discuss their thoughts amongst themselves immediately after. Maybe it was the fact that the event was free, or that the ever-so-talented Oso (also featuring a guest spot by Mayda) was on hand to supply both music and motivation, but there was certainly jubilation in the air. Attendees seemed both excited and curious about the designers, and the informality of the night only added to this sensation.

Emerging Designer Showcase 4 cr Peter Holme.jpg
Photo by Peter Holme

Clearly a nod in the right direction, the showcase reiterated the fact that the Twin Cities harbor many wildly talented designers. The desire to represent themselves as unique artisans, staking claim of their city with the backing and support of the local community, means a significant gain for the MNfashion.

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