'Location Volumes 5 and 6' expores the idea of books as an art gallery

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From Location Volume 5.jpg
Courtesy of Location Books
From Location Volume 5
What happens when you put an art gallery into a book? You'll be able to find out the answer on Saturday when Location, Volumes Five and Six are released at Midway Contemporary Art.

According to Scott Nedrelow, one of the organizers, the project started about two years ago when he and his friend Ruben Nusz, who had previously had a studio experiment called "Sellout," decided to continue the gallery's programming in book form. "It didn't have as much overhead as a space has," Nedrelow says. The idea was to curate it as if it were an exhibition space, only it would all take place in a book. 

Saturday's release party will include Volume 5, featuring three artists -- Aaron Anderson, Eric Carlson, and Crystal Quinn -- formerly of the collaborative Hardland/Heartland. Volume 6 is a curated work, and features photographers John Opera, Stevie Rexroth, Adam Schreiber, and AnnWoo. They were asked to create work based on a quote by Robert Irwin: "Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees." 

When Nedrelow and Nusz were talking to artists to create pieces for the effort, they asked them to make it specifically for pages in a book. While the artists may still show their work in other places, the idea is that the primary way to see the art would be in book form. 
From Location Volume Six (image by Adam Schreiber).jpg
Image courtesy Location Books
From Location Volume Six (image by Adam Schreiber)
The publications are comprised of inkjet printed images in the standard size and length for manuscripts, and are bound at the Campbell-Logan bindery in Minneapolis's Warehouse District. There are currently six in the Location series, but they've done several other publications that are more in the traditional artist book vein, and feature talents such as David Rathman and Paula McCartney. The other series have size and other decisions determined by the artists, Nedrelow says.

The Location series are made in a set, and are for sale on their website and at the Walker Art Center's gift shops. They're also available at the MCAD library. "They've gone into some institutional collections because they are $100 for each volume," Nedrelow says. "They're kind of expensive. They're not like regularly published books." It's all part of the experiment. 


Location Volumes 5 and 6
Midway Contemporary Art
527 Second Ave. SE, Minneapolis
Saturday, from 7 to 9 p.m.
See Locationbooks.com for more details.

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