Jonathan Adler store coming to Uptown this month

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All this could be yours for about $11,000
While businesses in Uptown can come and go with the changing of the seasons, the semi-recent opening of cb2 and the Calhoun Square's flagship Kitchen Window have attracted the attention of folks with money to burn. Soon, Uptown shoppers will be able to make their lives even more posh when modern pottery, furniture, and lifestyle store Jonathan Adler opens this month.

The store is pretty, but at times pricey (while cruising through the site we found a knitted water-bottle cozy that costs over $100, but there's also a section featuring gift ideas under $30). Items offered include furniture, pottery, knickknacks, and gifts (think Pottery Barn meets Andy Warhol). The chain shop (the original store opened in Soho in the late '90s) will be located at 1439 West Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis, and will open March 23.

To check out what Uptown is in store for, visit

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Is that store down the street that charged $50 for a pair of boxers or tube socks still open?

Jessica Armbruster
Jessica Armbruster

Oh, you mean American Apparel? Yeah, I think that store is still in Uptown. But I try not to think about it, frankly.

Or wait, you could also mean Urban Outfitters. That is also still there, yes.

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