MarsCon 2012 party guide: Massages, superheroes, and Lebowski

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​If you're like most red-blooded, Mountain Dew-chugging, gaming bros, you probably often find yourself thinking, "You know what Bloomington needs? A giant party to celebrate the pending apocalypse, intergalactic-style." 

Guess what? All of your wildest dreams are about to come true (except that one where you get to hold a girl's hand, of course).

This weekend, the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites hosts the biggest and most out-of-this-world blowout of the year with MarsCon 2012: Rockin' the Apocalypse. This annual three-day fan-run sci-fi convention features everything from an art show, a discussion about Big Bang Theory season 5 (do NOT try talking about season 4), and, of course, GAMING, GAMING, GAMING!

But while the festivities during the day may sound awesome, those are nothing compared to what happens on the 13th floor at night. That's where dozens of themed after-parties go down, and MarsCon blasts off for real. To help prepare you for the outrageous nighttime shenanigans and to find the bash that's right for you, we put together a quick guide to the top hotel parties of the weekend. Grab your inhalers.

Rue Morgue Massage

According to the description, "the crew with the magic touch" will be on hand, giving back and full-body massages. You'll know you're in the right place when you see a bunch of middle-aged dudes trying desperately to conceal their wedding rings, and every conversation starts with, "You're not a cop, right? Because if you are you have to tell me." FANCY!

 Superhero Auditions

Photo by Rukia13
​This Saturday night-only event is hosted by No-Brand Con. Does it sound fun? Of course. But don't show up taking this lightly. If you are selected to be a superhero, there's a better than likely chance that you'll be expected to defend the world* from the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse**. You ready for that responsibility? If so, this is the party for you.

*World = Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites
**Four Horseman of the Apocalypse = Nerd-bashing jocks 

Karaoke Krypt 

Get ready for back-to-back-to-back days and nights of karaoke awesomeness going down in the Krypt, including karaoke on Friday, anime music videos on Saturday, and something called the "Dementia Fan Showcase" on Sunday. If you decide this is the party for you, take our advice: sing "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. Drunks love it and it totally fits the theme of the event. No need for thanks; just give us a mental hat-tip when you become the Bo Bice of MarsCon and we'll call it even.

Tarzan Apocalypse Karaoke

Pssh, sounds like the loser party for everyone who couldn't get into Karaoke Krypt, amirite?

The Dude's Abode

Going down Friday and Saturday night, this is the spot for enthusiasts of all-things Lebowksi. Will there be dudes quoting lines from the film? Likely. But there will also be...ladies quoting lines from the film! And did we mention...dudes quoting lines from the film?! 

Grab your 5-Hour Energy and Binaca, boys and girls; it's going to be a hot weekend.


MarsCon 2012
March 9-11
Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites
3 Appletree Square, Bloomington
Admission: $60/adults, $25/kids 6-12
More info here

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As much as it is fun to party, it is also quite tiring. The idea of giving wellness massages at a party is very thoughtful. Getting a massage not only relieves your stress but regular massages are assistive in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Beaver Hayes
Beaver Hayes

I think when he was referring to "middle age men hiding their wedding rings" and etc he was referring to himself, because I have never seen grown men operate that way at this con.  The CREEP FACTOR is very low, and I know because I run around in my Victorian foundation garments the whole weekend.

Susan Woehrle
Susan Woehrle

This POV is offensively mundane. Why not get someone who is capable of writing about unfamiliar things without every word dripping contempt?

Bill Hedrick
Bill Hedrick

agreed Con-goer... The idea that cons are for virgins who live in their parents basement is about 180 degrees off from reality. a lot of second gen fans have their birthdays 9 month after cons.


I have a feeling the guy who wrote this article is bitter about never being invited to this kind of stuff.. It's a shame, too... People get laid here WAY more than this man will ever know...

Kiki Snell
Kiki Snell

Since when do you need an invite to CONs? :P

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