Vincent Kartheiser of 'Mad Men' loves The Current, hates your blog

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Vincent Kartheiser is too adult for your stupid Twitter feed, too.
Any casual viewer of AMC's Mad Men is sure to recognize Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell, the weaselly young executive always trying to climb the corporate ladder at Sterling Cooper (and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in later episodes).

Just in time for the long-awaited fifth season premiere, the New York Times ran a fascinating "Leisure Time" interview with Kartheiser over the weekend, and it sounds like the young actor still has plenty of love for his hometown.

A Minneapolis native, Kartheiser says he's still a fan of 89.3 The Current, Juicy Lucy's, and, of course, Garrison Keillor. From the interview:

I really like the bands the Growlers and Tune-Yards. It's rock 'n' roll, dude. Although Tune-Yards is a little more avant-garde. The first few times you hear Tune-Yards, you're like, do I like this? And then it really gets under your skin. I'm also a big fan of the Current, 89.3 FM, in Minneapolis. It's a public-radio channel that pretty much plays the best music you ever heard, back-to-back, all day long. I like Garrison Keillor, too. I'm a Minnesota boy.

Kartheiser also professes his love of Matt's Bar and the 5-8 club, both great places for the infamous cheese-infused burger known as the Juicy Lucy. Oh, but he hates your stupid blog and your annoying Twitter feed:

I'm an adult. I don't do blogs. I'm not a fan of the Twitter. I'm not a fan of the Facebook. I'm vehemently anti-, actually. I think those things are -- stupid.

Read the full interview with Kartheiser here.

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Why does everyone forget about Adrians when it comes to the Juicy Lucy. I like to think of Matts, 5-8 and Adrians as the Juicy Lucy Triangle of death. 


"dissing twitter"??  Isn't that a tad bit redundant?

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