Ira Glass thinks Block E is a prison [AUDIO]

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Paging Mayor Rybak. Block E might have a public image problem on its hands.

As a part of its second live broadcast of a video-version of This American Life, host Ira Glass bought his cast of performers some downtime onstage by giving a shout-out to randomly selected fans in one of 550 theaters around the country.

The tenth winner just so happened to be sitting in our very own AMC theater on Block E, drawing surprised and ecstatic whoops from the audience.

That is, until what Glass said next.

Here's the audio clip:

Wuh oh. Being the butt of an NPR joke is not a good look for you, Block E.

Incidentally, there's an encore performance of the show -- with David Sedaris and Mike Birbiglia -- tonight in Oakdale Cinema, Eden Prairie 18, and, yes, Cell Block E. Get tickets here.

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Considering how empty the block is and the number of drug dealers (sorry, unlicensed pharmacists) in the area Ira might be onto something. 


Clearly, Ira's been to Block E.

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