50 Fun Things to Do in Minnesota

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Are you having fun yet? The City Pages staff compiled a list of our favorite things to do around town. Whether you love the great outdoors or prefer indoor comfort, here are 50 Fun Things to Do in Minnesota. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

50 Head underground and explore the cavernous Soudan Underground Mine, the state's oldest iron ore mine.

The Mall of America boasts hundreds of stores, an indoor amusement park, and an aquatic life exhibit.

49. Get out of the elements with some retail therapy at the Mall of America and stop by Nickelodeon Universe for some indoor adrenaline thrills afterwards.

48. Catch the incredible views as the leaves change color up north in the fall.

47. Visit the Minnesota Zoo for a taste of local wildlife on the Minnesota Trail or their killer summer concert series.

46. Grab hold of those handlebars and bike your way through one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

45. Hit the slopes at one of Minnesota's many ski areas.

44. Glimpse into the past at the historic Glensheen Mansion in Duluth.

Even the grizzly bears have fun at the Minnesota Zoo.

43. Try your hand at graffiti. From the murals at Intermedia Arts to the graffiti graveyard in Duluth (where you can add your own touches), Minnesota's got great street art.

42. Road trip up the North Shore, stopping for roadside smokehouses, bakeries, and breweries (like Lake Superior Brewing Company or Fitger's Brewhouse), and end with a swim in the Greatest Lake.

41. Take a trip to Southern Minnesota to see Amish communities that still rely on horse-and-buggies for transportation, and pick up some jam while you're there!

40. Cool off in one of our lakes. Despite popular belief, there are well over 11,000.

39. Catch an indie flick or a midnight showing at the Uptown Theatre.

Franconia Sculpture Park has tons of larger-than-life works of art.

38. Tour Niagara Cave. Located in Harmony, Minnesota, the cave is 400 million years old, and contains a 60-foot waterfall, a wedding chapel, and plenty of strange fossils. Mystery Cave is just down the road, too.

37. Join the parade in St. Paul at Grand Old Day in summer or the Holidazzle in the winter.

36. Check out Franconia Sculpture Park.

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Julie Lemmens
Julie Lemmens

Marita Mäki We've done many of these already! Let's finish the list next semester!


This is a great list filled with something to do for the whole entire family.  There is always something to do here.  The Water Park of America is always a great option as well.


Great list - I love to see lists that have more than just the zoo, science museum and children's museum.  Of course there are many more fun family things to do here in the twin cities than these - check out www.thingstodowithkidsmn.com for a list of 70 local attractions.

Craig Viknx
Craig Viknx

Ya Forgot all the MURALS painted by the Walldogs in 2008 to visit

Dallas Kadel
Dallas Kadel

I kept asking woman on dating sites for like four years so theirs no one to do anything with is that a good enuph reson plus Im not going alone. Life Sucks


There's definitely more to Minneapolis than just the arts and landscape. Being young and single in the metro is now more fun than ever with many new bars and activites opening up to the public every day.
Follow my blog minneapolismetro.blogspot.com to read reviews on some of the more upbeat things to do while in the area!


How about going to a Minnesota United FC game?



Just wanted to thank you for sharing all of these wonderful and exciting places to go and explore!

I work with All My Sons Moving & Storage and we love to always have an answer for our customers when they ask the most common question we hear on a daily basis (What is there to do around here for fun?), Well I am glad that I came across this page and may I say, it is super helpful and quite informative when it comes to getting answers that most people are looking for.

I will definitely be referring my customers to check out this page, whenever they get a chance. I like the fact that you actually have historical locations as well as family orientated and entertainment wise.

Again one big thank you from All My Sons Moving & Storage for giving us a great resource to provide to our customers.



Steel Toe Brewing in St. Louis Park is friggen' awesome. Excelsior Brewing just opened up (in Excelsior) and apparently won't be supplying their (very limited) beer to the city, only to the southwest Metro, or something like that. They have a few good ones, my favorite is Bridge Jumper. They just opened up like 3 weeks ago. Get it while it's cold!


What about taking a ride on a pedicab thru downtown with Twin Town Pedicabs?

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