Best of Twin Cities on Instagram: iPhone artists make the old favorites look fresh

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Mark Venema | @mdvenema
Venema, 27, moved to Minneapolis from Montana about a year ago, and June 7 was his first trip to the Lake Harriet Bandshell. He works at a photo print lab in Eagan.

Lizabeth Kyser_NiceRide_StP_400.jpg
Lizabeth Kyser | @lizznerd
Kyser, 29, grew up in Chaska and has been a St. Paul resident for four years. In early June, she stumbled on these Nice Ride bikes in downtown St. Paul, at the site of the future Union Depot light-rail stop. "I had heard that the bikes were coming to our area," she says, "but I didn't know exactly where, so I was excited and took a picture when I saw these in place." Now, she and her husband use the bright-green bikes every week.

Chris Babcock | @reuse_needles
Babcock, 26, snapped the Stone Arch Bridge lit up at night in late April. He has 1,762 followers on Instagram, and explains that his handle, @reuse_needles, was the name Nikki Sixx used to check into hotels on tour.

Chris Babcock | @reuse_needles
Babcock's picture of a vivid sunset over Lake Harriet. "My girlfriend and I were on a walk and decided that the scene would make a good Instagram," he says. He's a manager at a local catering company, but an event photographer on the side.

David Reinhart | @davidreinhart
Reinhart, 26, drives deliveries for St. Paul Pizza Luce, and was on a photo safari in February when he captured the St. Paul skyline.

Bryce Flory | @jedifunk
Flory focused in on the dock at Lake Harriet about a week ago, and says he snapped this shot "because having lakes inside the metro area is one of the Twin Cities' defining and most endearing features." Flory grew up in a camera-intensive house with a photography professor father. He takes 10 to 15 photos a day and posts 2 to 3 of them on Instagram, and loves the app: "It forces you to take different images compared to a regular DSLR."

Ashley Auren | @ashxa3
Auren, 26, captured this classic view on June 24, when she and her boyfriend decided to bike around northeast Minneapolis.

Emily Harris | @mleharris
Minneapolis native Harris, 25, was sitting on the dock at Harriet Lake sharing popcorn with friends when this rainbow-sailed boat pulled up.

Lucas Johnson | @ilucasj
Johnson, 26, stopped to snap the U of M bridge during a bike ride over the Mississippi on May 14.

Lexie Christansen | @lexiechristiansen
Christansen, 20, goes to school in Denver, but grew up in Eden Prairie and is home for the summer. "I enjoy photography as a hobby," she says, "and I took this picture in late June off of the endless bridge at the Guthrie Theater."

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