Best of Twin Cities on Instagram: iPhone artists make the old favorites look fresh

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Mark Venema | @mdvenema
Venema, 27, moved to Minneapolis from Montana about a year ago, and June 7 was his first trip to the Lake Harriet Bandshell. He works at a photo print lab in Eagan.

Lizabeth Kyser_NiceRide_StP_400.jpg
Lizabeth Kyser | @lizznerd
Kyser, 29, grew up in Chaska and has been a St. Paul resident for four years. In early June, she stumbled on these Nice Ride bikes in downtown St. Paul, at the site of the future Union Depot light-rail stop. "I had heard that the bikes were coming to our area," she says, "but I didn't know exactly where, so I was excited and took a picture when I saw these in place." Now, she and her husband use the bright-green bikes every week.

Chris Babcock | @reuse_needles
Babcock, 26, snapped the Stone Arch Bridge lit up at night in late April. He has 1,762 followers on Instagram, and explains that his handle, @reuse_needles, was the name Nikki Sixx used to check into hotels on tour.

Chris Babcock | @reuse_needles
Babcock's picture of a vivid sunset over Lake Harriet. "My girlfriend and I were on a walk and decided that the scene would make a good Instagram," he says. He's a manager at a local catering company, but an event photographer on the side.

David Reinhart | @davidreinhart
Reinhart, 26, drives deliveries for St. Paul Pizza Luce, and was on a photo safari in February when he captured the St. Paul skyline.

Bryce Flory | @jedifunk
Flory focused in on the dock at Lake Harriet about a week ago, and says he snapped this shot "because having lakes inside the metro area is one of the Twin Cities' defining and most endearing features." Flory grew up in a camera-intensive house with a photography professor father. He takes 10 to 15 photos a day and posts 2 to 3 of them on Instagram, and loves the app: "It forces you to take different images compared to a regular DSLR."

Ashley Auren | @ashxa3
Auren, 26, captured this classic view on June 24, when she and her boyfriend decided to bike around northeast Minneapolis.

Emily Harris | @mleharris
Minneapolis native Harris, 25, was sitting on the dock at Harriet Lake sharing popcorn with friends when this rainbow-sailed boat pulled up.

Lucas Johnson | @ilucasj
Johnson, 26, stopped to snap the U of M bridge during a bike ride over the Mississippi on May 14.

Lexie Christansen | @lexiechristiansen
Christansen, 20, goes to school in Denver, but grew up in Eden Prairie and is home for the summer. "I enjoy photography as a hobby," she says, "and I took this picture in late June off of the endless bridge at the Guthrie Theater."

On the next page, photos from well-loved spots around town.

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Wendy Underhill
Wendy Underhill

<3 I like the sentence that the "building jumped out" at her. We are all artists and there are some pictures that must be captured.

Jesse Spalding
Jesse Spalding

By iPhone you mean smartphone, right? Or are all these people specifically using iPhones?


So happy to be in the presence of all this great talent. This city is beautiful I just try to capture that beauty the best I can.

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