Local fashion photographer Amy Gee needs help replacing stolen camera

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Photo by Vox Efx

In a bizarre and gloomy turn of events, local photographer Amy Gee's rented Chevy Impala was stolen from the Lake Nokomis area at 1:30 a.m. last Saturday. Her Canon 5D Mark II, wallet, phone, and two lenses went along for the ride.

"We found out four days ago that [the car] was stolen and totally destroyed. Amy's car is in the shop right now being fixed. Since she doesn't own the rental car, she can't actually say anything beyond that it was stolen and totally destroyed," says Kara Nesvig, a local stylist and Gee's best friend. "We have no idea if they caught whoever did it."

In true BFF fashion, Nesvig went to work on online funding platform indiegogo so that friends and charitable persons would have a way to help Gee get a new camera and start shooting again.

"Insurance won't cover more than $300 of what was in the car," says Nesvig, "and Amy lost everything -- her wallet, her makeup, her keys, her ID -- but most importantly, her camera and two lenses. She thinks that the camera and the equipment and everything was worth $2,200. Amy's camera is pretty much her left arm, it goes with her everywhere, so we decided to put something up and help her out."

Many have probably noticed Gee busily snapping photos on the edge of a runway or seen her work in local publications like Vita.MN and the Twin Cities Daily Planet. As a freelance photographer, she's done work for local designer Raul Osorio (who is a contender on Project Runway this season) and NYC-based designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. For Gee, her camera is both business and pleasure, and the loss of it hits harder than just in the pocketbook.

"Amy's just a little overwhelmed right now," continues Nesvig. "She's super thankful for all the support over the past few days. Even if people can't donate to the fund, the fact that people are passing it around means a lot. The community here is really good with things like this."

You can contribute to Amy Gee's camera fund here. In case you need a refresh on the young photographer's incredible eye and talent, her blog should convince you this is a cause worth pitching in to.

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1- get insurance

2- never leave your gear in your car

3- don't have a friend write an article asking to help you buy a new camera because you didn't follow number one or two



Jeez.  No professional photographer would allow their name to go into an article that's essentially "I didn't insure my gear and now I have to do hard work and I don't want to!"


My sister is an aspiring photographer and lost her camera with her wedding photos on it, she didn't get a citypages write up. Buckle up and buy your own camera, shit happens.


How was the car stolen? Was it hotwired or did she leave the keys in it? Does she live comfortably? I'd like to hear more about the situation before I'd consider donating. There are many other causes/people who need help out there.


I've been through this song and dance a dozen times with my assistant photographers.  I stress to them that if you're using equipment for any type of income or rely on it for anything more than a hobby, you find a way to insure it.  There's a plethora of ways to do this at a very reasonable cost.  Personally, I find this story highlights the same mental challenges as that stolen cello victim some months back...   (You leave all of your critical possessions in a car overnight in the metro and suddenly CityPages needs to review a sympathy note?  Unacceptable!..)

CinBlueland topcommenter

Not being a dick.. But can't you insure your cameras?


I know the feeling -

I haul 10k in Canon gear - 1DSMkII full frame, new $7k, -300F2.8 $4.5k just for him - let alone all the other 'L' lenses in Red Band.

No matter how tired at the end of the day - It never leaves my side.

I did once - and lost it all within an hour - not covered and starting from scratch is a pain in the Azz.

I say she needs a slight upgrade to the 5DMkII with video.

Roughly 2.5k - and 3 lenses, 4k.

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