Top 12 most ridiculous Twins-themed merchandise

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Typical Twins team spirit.

Minnesota is Twins territory, and with major leagues comes major merchandise. As a result, our state is also home to some of the most bizarre baseball memorabilia around. We've curated a list of the weirdest stuff out there, so keep a look-out for some of these items on your next visit to Target Field.

12. Personalized Target Field Highway Distance Sign

Because nothing says you're a fan like knowing exactly how far away you are from the field at all times. Customized for each buyer, the signs show the exact distance between Target Field and your den, pool, or man cave.

11. Glitter Feather Hair Clip

Sticking something on your head that combines a lot of unnatural feathers, some glitter, a bottle cap, and a Twins sticker will certainly make you easier to spot on the Jumbotron.

10. Minnesota Twins TOMS

Show off those puppies as you walk to your section in some hand-painted Twins TOMS. If the $95 price tag is too steep, for a slightly lesser fee they're also willing to customize some Sketchers BOBS, or a generic shoe brand that doesn't have a cool name.

9. Twins Bottle Cap Picture Frame

"Perfect for the Twins fan that has it all!" the description reads. Really. Admittedly, it is perfect for fans who like to show off their Twins glitter feather hair clips.

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