Trash artist and co. featured on National Geographic's 'Taboo'

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Photo by Peter Majerle
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Trash-art finds from the foreclosed homes of hoarders, artists, families [with pictures]

It's a job that most people couldn't stomach, but somebody has to do it. The folks at DuAll clean foreclosed homes that were formerly residences for hoarders, junkies, transients, and more. With each gig comes new smells, horrors, and, occasionally, interesting finds amongst heaps of trash.

Team member Peter Majerle sees the art in these discoveries, and for the past few years he has snapped some of the more bizarre finds and striking images. He and the rest of the crew will be featured 9 p.m. this Sunday on National Geographic's Taboo as they work through a typical day sifting through trashed homes.

The teaser is after the jump, but we should warn you that you probably don't want to be eating lunch when you watch it.

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I remember when I saw a little souvenir box in skip bin hire Perth that is studded with different gemstones. I can say that we can really find something good and something useful from trash.


Check out the DuAll crew.  Support your local trashout heroes.

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