What to Where: Barbette, Bastille Day, Buffalo Exchange

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Photo by Corey Tenold
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For Americans, the celebration of our independence happens in early July. However, if you haven't run through all of your fireworks and are still looking for an excuse to celebrate liberty from an oppressive monarchy, there's still Bastille Day. This thoroughly French affair is marked every year in the Twin Cities by an all-day block party thrown by the great bistro Barbette.

For this installment of What to Where, we're heading down Lake Street to join in on this weekend's party while dressed in deliciously eclectic fashion from Buffalo Exchange.

For those who forgot (or slept through) world history class in high school, Bastille Day is the French national holiday celebrating the 1789 storming of the Bastille prison in Paris. The overthrow of the fortress that housed political prisoners symbolically kick-started the French Revolution. Granted, things got much messier from there, but in the end a democracy was born and the French got a holiday full of parades, parties, and explosions that they could call their own.

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Photo by Corey Tenold

Bastille Day traditionally falls on July 14, but this Sunday, July 15, Barbette will throw their annual block party. An event all its own, the celebration features street entertainment from Infiammati Fire Circus, Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theater, Familia Skateshop, dance collective Epitome-No Question, and MC Foxy Tann. Music is another big part of the event, and includes great local bands like Peter Wolf Crier, A. Wolf & Her Claws, Prissy Clerks, Sleep Study, and more. Perfectly entertaining -- and perfectly free -- it's one of Uptown's marquee summertime events.

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Photo by Corey Tenold

The Bastille Day is as French as it gets: Artistic, fun, and bursting with liberté. In that people-powered democratic spirit, we chose Buffalo Exchange on 27th and Lyndale as our outfitters this week. With a keen eye for unique garments and an artful approach to fashion, you can find just about anything there. From a pair of rad platforms, to broomball sneakers, to a mint-green Valentino dress, it's positively overwhelming what you might discover while cruising the racks. (We even spotted a pair of vintage YSL pumps). Buffalo Exchange prides themselves on having genuine connections with the people that come into the store, and have a long list of regulars.

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Photo by Corey Tenold

While the music and attractions will be center stage this Sunday, our day wouldn't be complete without food from the host, Uptown's Barbette. Evolving from the legendary Cafe Wyrd, owner Kim Bartmann has been providing Lake Street with the perfect mix of French bistro food and atmosphere for over a decade. The menu is locally sourced whenever possible, mixing great taste with responsibility. Brunch in Uptown wouldn't be complete without their signature Grand Marnier french toast. And then, there's the fries. Yes, it's true that their pommes frites couldn't be more transcendent.

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Photo by Corey Tenold

So, if you still have patriotism running through your system, transfer that balance to a more Gallic country and have a revolutionary time celebrating Bastille Day in Uptown.


Are you heading to the festival? Email a photo of what you're wearing to the event to jarmbruster@citypages.com to enter to win a $50 gift card to Barbette!

Looking for more? Check out the slideshow.


Photographer: Corey Tenold
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