Wing Young Huie, Selma Fernandez exhibit at Third Place Gallery

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By Wing Young Huie
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For the first time since opening Third Place Gallery, Wing Young Huie will be displaying his work as part of a show. In "(re)locate: A Place to Call Home" both he and Selma Fernandez explore the idea of "place" as they photograph refugees and recently arrived immigrants. The opening reception takes place this Saturday, and will include a dialogue with the two artists followed by ping-pong. 

While the Third Place Gallery is not a personal gallery, Huie's work is always on the walls. "In a way, we're still defining what Third Place is," he says. Since opening a little over a year ago, the space has hosted one event a month. 

By Selma Fernandez
Huie didn't know of Selma Fernandez until she contacted him to discuss her work. He looked over her portfolio, and liked what he saw. "I thought, 'Wow, this would go well with what I'm doing,'" he says. Meanwhile, he felt it was about time Third Place had a show including his own work. While Huie's photography is always on the walls, there hasn't been a specific exhibition by him. It seemed to make sense to pair the two together. 

Fernandez received a grant from the Mexican government that enabled her to photograph refugees. "I like her work," Huie says. "It is much more contemporary looking; mine is more documentary style." Rather than showing the two artists' photographs on separate walls, they'll be interspersed throughout the gallery, finding connective pieces. 

The work Huie is showing in the exhibition was pulled from throughout his career. "Our goal was to select strong photos that worked well with Selma's images," says Stephanie Rogers, gallery director of Third Place and co-curator of the exhibition along with Huie. "I want it to be a coherent show that plays up the dialogue that is already happening when we put their photos together. Some images of Wing's have been shown before; several images from the University Avenue Project are included, and we intentionally included some lesser-seen work, both recent and from Wing's archives."

Hai Singing.jpg
By Wing Young Huie 
The main subject, Rogers says, is immigrants, with sub-themes of children, teenagers, and generational divides within immigrant families. All of the photographs were snapped in Minnesota. Fernandez's work was taken in the last year, while Huie's pieces show the current face of immigration as well as the historical side through portraits of earlier waves of Somali and Southeast Asian immigrants.  


"(re)locate: A Place to Call Home"
Opening reception 7 p.m. Saturday, July 21, followed by ping-pong and "general frivolity" after 9 p.m.
The Third Place Gallery
3730 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis
Through August 16

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The Third Place Gallery

3730 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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