Dave Chappelle is coming to Minneapolis tomorrow

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File this one under breaking ticket news: This afternoon Hennepin Theatre Trust announced that comedian David Chappelle will be coming to Minnesota Thursday, August 2. Tickets go on sale in about... five minutes.

Chappelle will be appearing at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis for a Thursday-night show starting at 9 p.m. Tickets are $54, and go on sale today at 4 p.m.

After a spectacular burn-out during season three of Chappelle's Show that led him to spend some time living off the grid in Africa and rural Ohio, the comedian has taken on some more interesting projects. Dave Chappelle's Block Party followed him as he planned a concert festival in Brooklyn, and was directed by art-house hero Michel Gondry. Since then, he has appeared on Inside the Actor's Studio and has been battling for a standup endurance title against Dane Cook (Cook currently holds the record with seven hours of performance).

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Historic State Theatre

805 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Nikki Gregory
Nikki Gregory

he used to live in yellow springs! wish i could afford tickets :(

Tane S. Danger
Tane S. Danger

Good of them to do this on opening night of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Paulis Bruvelis
Paulis Bruvelis

Welcome Dave to Minneapolis! Hope you get to chill with Prince! Have some crown! But if you get a chance sure you will at a Prince patay crank up the sterio! Song request from me Raspberry Berret! Brings out the simple happy!

Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell

He's already been spotted at the W Hotel downtown.

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