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Tatiana Craine
There's no shortage of fantastic people watching at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. With half the crowd strutting around in elaborate costumes and makeup, you're sure to keep yourself occupied for at least a few hours. While it's not mandatory to show up in your best Bard-inspired outfit, for many visitors this event is an opportunity to step right into a fantasy world.

Here's how to navigate some of the ladies' fashion trends you can expect to see at the Ren Fest this year, and how to replicate them for your visit to Ye Olde Shakopee.

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Tatiana Craine
Belly Dancers

These belly dancers ooze easy, carefree sensuality with the slightest shake of a hip or flick of a wrist. To make each of their well-timed movements even more dramatic, their scarves are equipped with little metallic discs that jingle with each step.

Get the look:

A colorful maxi skirt with crepe-like fabric is the perfect foundation for the belly dancer look. Wrap a fringed scarf around the waist for added drama (extra points if you can find one that jingles). The piece de resistance for any belly dancer is a top that shows off that tummy. Try pairing a stomach-baring corset with a colorful bra, or tie a flowing peasant shirt above your waistline. Finally, stick a flower in your hair and shake those hips.

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Tatiana Craine
Forest Nymph

If fairies could be ever be classified as realistic, this would be one of those rare specimens. With a Tinkerbell-like green dress, dragonfly wings, and incredible pointed ears, it's like this nymph stepped right out of a legend.

Get the look:

Choose a light or natural tone like sea foam or sky blue, and try to coordinate your fairy outfit with that hue. A lightly fitted dress with a jagged hemline works well for fairy-chic looks. Put your hair in a messy up-do sprinkled with flowers along the crown. For an other-worldly look, try finding eyeshadow that matches your dress and create a dramatic cat-eye. Finally, put on those wings, and you're ready to fly.

Sword Lady.jpg
Tatiana Craine
Sword Dancer

Sword dancers are going to be a thing at the Renaissance Festival this year. They're in the same vein of entertainment as the belly dancers, but they're a little more fluid with their movements thanks to the sword on their head.

Get the look:

This is similar to the belly dancer look, but with more high-seas touches. Instead of a maxi skirt, try a pair of flowy harem pants tucked into boots. Keep the torso-baring top, but adorn it with tassels instead of sequins. Add a few delicate spots around the eyes for a more feminine look, and you're set to shimmy with that sword.

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Tatiana Craine
Whimsical Fairy

Take everything that comes to mind when you think of fairies, and this is what you get. With an awesome floral eye-patch, near-neon flowers, and a whole lot of ribbons, this creature is ready to flit through the forest.

Get the look:

Find a bright-colored peasant shirt or dye one yourself before topping it off with a full-length corset or bustier. Next, take a maxi skirt and pull different parts of the waistline further through a belt to get a layered effect (use two skirts for double the layers). Get a pair of fairy wings and a bouquet of faux flowers, and spray-paint both of them with bold colors.

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Tatiana Craine
Serving Wench

Reminiscent of the old days when folks partied in taverns while downing mead by the flagon, these girls are all over the festival providing famished and thirsty visitors with giant turkey legs and beer. Just because they're behind the counter doesn't mean they don't get in on the costumed fun, though.

Get the look:

Ideally, a long skirt with a bit of volume underneath works (try wearing several skirts on top each other, or use a petticoat), but single maxi skirts also do well for this style. Shoot for a Cinderella-like peasant look with a puffy shirt underneath a laced corset (though it's up to you how much of a boost you give to your bust). Tie a ribbon in your hair, and it's time to tap some kegs.


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