50 Shades of Minnesota: 50 reasons why Minnesota is sexy

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38. Bike Smut
. The sixth year of this "film festival of radical pleasure" will be in Minneapolis September 22. According to the fest's website, it's "specially designed to provide you the tools to meet, converse, and potentially reach orgasm with bikers in your area." What more could could a sexy cycling film fan ask for? Well, before the screening, there will also be a clothing-optional ride from the Smitten Kitten to the Bedlam Theater.

37. Doing your Valentine's Day gift shopping at a gas station.

In April 2009, police busted an Asian massage parlor in Eden Prairie for alleged prostitution. The place was taking out ads that read:

"Men are from Mars!
Women are from Venus,
We understand that sometimes,
It's all about the Penis!"

But there's NO UNHAPPY ENDINGS here,
Because we don't do anything wrong.
We will stroke your ego,
Not your ding dong."

And the poem keeps going.

The U's National Public Health Week Film Festival. This fest, which wrapped up its eighth year in April, usually features a sex documentary as well as, on the last day of the event, vintage sex-ed films. This year's lineup included We Were Here, a film about GLBTQ perspectives on AIDS, and Orgasm, Inc. Mark your calendars for spring.
Pink Bow City_AndrewSaxumPhotography.jpg
Andrew Saxum Photography
Pink Bow City designs.

34. Pink Bow City's pinup fashions. Handmade vintage-style designs, all right out of the glory days of pinup. Think polka dots and curves. The line just launched in April, and gets its name from "the iconic symbol of femininity," says founder/owner Keona Tranby. "Pink Bow City is all about women empowerment. All of my designers are women... and I love meeting ambitious women." 

33. Vikings cheerleaders
in their purple
and gold uniforms are enough to spice up any halftime show at the Metrodome.

32. And you know what? The Lynx are, too. Sure, there are plenty of cute male athletes on our teams, but every city has those. Not everyone has a bunch of fit, strong, gold-medal-and-WNBA-champ-winning women.

31. Marvel Bar's dark, speakeasy-vibe will have you in a tizzy if the fantastic drinks don't already. With intimate booths, mood lighting, and an incredible drink selection, getting hot and bothered is only a few sips away.

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