50 Shades of Minnesota: 50 reasons why Minnesota is sexy

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Leave it to a kid from Minnesota to ask some 600 porn stars to his high school prom. Maybe he thought life could imitate art a la The Girl Next Door. After hundreds of rejections, he finally got a yes from Megan Piper.

Minnesota is home to the largest Renaissance Festival in the United States with almost 300,000 people getting up close and personal with mead, turkey legs, and cosplay. It goes without saying that there are more than a few fair maidens and saucy wenches on hand at this annual celebration.

Thursdays at Ground Zero mean it's Bondage A-Go-Go. Want to goth it up and dance in dark corners? Got it. Want to pull out that leather-wear you've been dying to try out? Want to watch a first-rate bondage show onstage? Got it. Want to participate in that stage action? For a small price, you can get in on those cracking whips and paddles, too.

27. Josh Hartnett.

B Fresh Photography
Free Range Silicone's psychedelic toys
26. Sure, there's free-range eggs and
chickens, but did you know that we're home to Free Range Silicone?
The locally-operated company specializes in psychedelically-colored
silicone sex toys
for just about any adult needs and desires.

25. Some people are afraid of heights, but
frankly, falling for someone is a little like vertigo anyways. The best place to mix those two feelings is at Prohibition at the W Hotel. Found on the 27th story, it has dark corners and strong drinks for a little liquid courage while trying to woo someone in style.

10,000+ lakes = 10,000+ places to skinny dip.

23. Bob Dylan.
"Lay Lady Lay..."

22. On Men's Health Magazine's list of Hotbeds of Sex, Minnesota got double marks. Minneapolis came in at an even 50, but St. Paul proved it's a little sexier with a rank of 35.

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