Top 20 ridiculous Vikings-themed merchandise

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There's no doubt about it, Vikings fans are diehard. While it takes a certain loyalty to tailgate in freezing temperatures, the ones creating Vikings crafts and selling them online are perhaps the most diehard of them all. In honor of Sunday's home game, we've gathered the best of the worst stuff out there, so you can show off your team spirit with these incredible, baffling, and utterly ridiculous items. Or, you could always just stick to the classic purple-and-gold jersey.

20. Vikings faux-beard hat
For the chilly, beardless, hipster Vikings fan in us all.

19. Wedding cake topper
Nothing says "I do" like this product description: The perfect wedding themed must have! Get it for a child, grandchild, or friend and watch everyone smile and laugh when they see it.

18. Vikings owl plush
Sure it's cute, but why is it an owl?

17. Hand-painted Vikings shoes
They're all the rage, all year long, for all the sports.

16. Gloves with Vikings-colored tassels
Touchdown! Everybody do jazz-hands to show your spirit!

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