Top 20 most memorable zombies of ZPC 8

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Anna Gulbrandsen
One night out of the year, zombies take over the Twin Cities. Thousands come out en masse to show off their costumes and take a bite out of hang out with their friends. Drunk on Brain Belt beer and undead adrenaline, they stumble out into the streets moaning and groaning about the long lines outside the West Bank bars or the Midway Stadium bathrooms.

We scoured the bloody hordes for the most memorable zombie costumes of 2012. What makes these zombies stand out from the rest of the undead crowd isn't about beauty, it's about braiiiins.

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Nicola Losik
20. Rocking the whites-of-her-eyes look with a carefully held cigarette and a camera? This zombie has some undead coordination.

Nicola Losik
19. Geeks can be zombies, too. They are seeking brains, after all.

Anna Gulbrandsen
18. More than anything else in this photo, that baby sipping from a cup will haunt our dreams for the next week.

Anna Gulbrandsen
17. Oh gnome! You can't escape this terrifying garden creature.

Anna Gulbrandsen
16. We shudder to think what the rest of the Disney crew would look like.

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