Win a 'lustful cockmonster' shirt signed by Chris Kluwe

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Are you a 'lustful cockmonster' or a 'beautifully unique sparklepony'?

By now most people are privvy to Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's colorful letter to Maryland Delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. Not only did Kluwe become an instant and very outspoken advocate for gay marriage after that letter, but his very public stance led to discourse about homosexuality in major league sports.

Thanks to that infamous letter and numerous requests, Minnesotans for Equality made it easier for Vote No supporters to wear their hearts on their sleeves -- or shirts, at least -- with tees inspired by Kluwe's words.

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Now's your chance to show off your Kluwe and Minnesotans for Equality pride in one of these fun shirts signed by the man himself. You can win one by visiting our contest page, which has details on how to enter.

Register in four easy steps!

1. Click the contest page link.

2. There is a "login or register to sign up" button at the top-left corner of the contest page.

3. Use that to log in with your current My Voice Nation info or sign up for an account with just an email and username.

4. Go back to the contest page and click the "Sign me up to WIN" button at the top-right corner!

Now you're all set! Good luck to all you sparkleponies! If you don't win, you can still buy shirts here.

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Seems like the only prize is the Sparklepony tee shirt and not the Lustful Cockmonster, as the title here implies...

Ly-Zhou Sherry
Ly-Zhou Sherry

Oh, Lord, I WANT this as much as I want to remain a lustful cockmonster!

City Pages Minneapolis
City Pages Minneapolis

Hi Sara! If you are in the contiguous United States, you're okay to enter! Good luck!

Bill Rice
Bill Rice

Mike you getting one of these?

City Pages Minneapolis
City Pages Minneapolis

Hi Amanda! Just click on the link and at the bottom we've got the site for our contest! Good luck!


I read that page several times and nowhere does it say where or how to enter online. A little help please!


 @tcraine  @swee2th When I click "sign me up to win," nothing happens.  It says to fill out all fields, but there aren't any.


tcraine moderator communitymanager

 @sguertin70  @swee2th If you were already logged into your My Voice Nation account, this will pop up: "Thank you for entering! Good luck!" in the space where the "Sign me up to WIN" button was, and you won't have to enter any further information. Let me know if that helps!

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