Best of Bamford: Top 10 videos from this week's cover comedian

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Nicola Losik
Maria Bamford on this week's cover.

This week's cover story checks in with Duluth native Maria Bamford, a comedians' comedian whose current projects include: a new special (dropped online yesterday), a performance at the Fitzgerald on Friday, a new comedy album in January, and a role in the upcoming re-boot of Arrested Development. She seems poised for her biggest year yet.

We flesh out those details in print, but in order to get Bamford's comedy, an aspiring fan mainly has to log some time with her performances. To speed the process, we've rounded up 10 of the best clips of Bamford through the ages, from an early TV standup gig to classic episodes of The Maria Bamford Show to turns on the Comedy Central stage.

What did we miss? Leave your own favorites from the Bamford archives in the comments.

1. Outside of the comedy world, Bamford may be most recognizable as a particular breed of holiday fanatic, the Crazy Target Lady. Here's one of the best clips from her three-year run.

2. Maria sings! Good advice: "Drink more caffeine and just stay on your meds."

3. What do atheists have to believe in?

4. Any decent introduction to Bamford should begin with episode one of The Maria Bamford Show. After a minute wrapping your mind around just how many people are onscreen (one) and how many characters she's playing (four, for starters), we suggest YouTube auto-play as an excuse to devote the next hour-and-a-half to all 20 of these addictive segments.

5. A Bamford flashback: The difference between celebrities' homes and comedians' homes.

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