Best of Bamford: Top 10 videos from this week's cover comedian

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6. MN Original goes behind the scenes with Bamford at the Acme Comedy Co., and delves into her relationship with her home state. Jump to 4:05 for a classic Bamford bit on who to call if you need mental health services but don't have insurance.

7. Bamford fans hear a lot of impressions of Maria's mother. In episode six of The Maria Bamford Show, Marilyn makes a guest appearance as herself, while her daughter underlines the finer points of the impersonators' craft.

8. Bamford real-talks Botox and foodies.

9. This is what a pterodactyl sounds like. (In Comedians of Comedy, there's a clip of this that's even more drawn-out and extreme).

10. To come full circle, it's back to The Maria Bamford Show. The last installment admittedly may not have the same effect if you haven't made it through the previous 19 episodes, but we're in the deep cuts section of this top 10 list. In episode 20, Bamford brilliantly allows her persona and her personality to collide.

Bonus round: From the Comedians of Comedy tour bus, Bamford's laugh.

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