Brave New Workshop puts the XXX in Xmas

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As long as I've been in the Twin Cities, the Brave New Workshop holiday show has followed a pretty standard format, with a few new sketches mixed in with plenty of old favorites, like the always popular "Angry Moms (or Dads) 12 Days of Christmas."

That gets turned on its head for the 2012 edition, 50 Shades of White: A Minnesota XXXmas, featuring a raucous set of brand-new sketches. The title comes into play in the very first sketch, as the inexplicable popularity of the porn-centric sort-of Twilight fan fiction is finally explained (it's the word that starts with "p" before) through a song about a mother getting what she really wants, at least on paper. That's followed up in the second sketch, where "Twas the Night Before Christmas" takes an unexpected turn.

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Actually, if there's a connecting theme here, it's about the saucy side of the holiday season, whether it is a trip to Brookstone where every item in the store is a "personal massager" to a hook-up between a woman and a favorite holiday confection.

Overall, the best moment comes at the end of the first act, when they present an epic piss-take on A Christmas Carol, with a "volunteer" from the audience -- an engaging young architect on opening night -- gets stuck in the Scrooge role, while the rest of the cast improvises songs and scenes around here.

Lauren Anderson deserves extra credit for writhing all the way in her turn as the chain-wearing ghost who takes the guests on their journey into madness. The small cast -- it also includes Bobby Gardner, Andy Hilbrands and Taj Ruler -- barely lets the audience breathe during the fast-paced and extremely funny show.


50 Shades of White: A Minnesota XXXmas
Through January 12, 2013
Brave New Workshop
824 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
For tickets and more information, call 612.332.6620 or visit online

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Brave New Workshop Downtown Stage

824 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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