Diablo Cody to return to TV with pilot for ABC

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Photo by Nick Vlcek
Former City Pages staffer, Oscar winner, and host of Red Band Trailer Diablo Cody may be returning to television, as EW is reporting that she just sold a pilot to ABC.

The show, currently titled Alex + Amy, is a comedy that explores the romance between a Millennial dude and a Gen X'er lady who are madly in love and have recently moved in together. Wacky and sexy! There are rumors that the program could be slotted on the same night as Modern Family, ABC's critically acclaimed, award-winning cash cow.

Though pilots are often a total crap shoot, Cody does have a decent track record with television. Although Showtime nixed the show due to low ratings, United States of Tara went on to win an Emmy and receive solid critical acclaim during its three-season run. There's a penalty fee should the Alex + Amy pilot not get shot... so the chances of it being aired are perhaps even greater?

Other upcoming projects for Cody include an Evil Dead reboot.

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