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Snow White3.jpg
Snow White directed by Luke Spencer Johnson with cinematography by Erik Elstran
Start your Thanksgiving weekend off right by checking out some award winning films by a group of MCTC students. This Wednesday, Cinema Lounge, an IFP program which takes place at Bryant-Lake Bowl, will showcases five films by a group of talented young filmmakers who were recently honored for their work.

Bathesheba's Window1.jpg
Bathesheba's Window by Jesse Dvorak
The Cinema Lounge has been going on for over 20 years, says Max Becker, who used to run the program and is now the director of Facilities and Technical Operations at IFP. The idea behind the series is to provide a chance for local artists to have their work seen, and for audiences to be able to ask the filmmakers questions. 

Brittni West has been programming the Cinema Lounge for nearly a year, with Stephen Gurewitz as moderator. For this week's installment, they are presenting a group of award winning films from MCTC students. The series is the brainchild of IFP staff member Reilly Tillman, who met with the chair of the school's cinema program, Adam Olson, and was invited to their annual student awards luncheon. Tillman had seen past awards shows, and was continually impressed with their work. 
Lucy the Mailbox 3.jpg
Lucy the Mailbox by Blake Boulka

One of the great things about Cinema Lounge, West says, is that it happens more often than a film festival, giving more people opportunities to have their work shown. It's also more casual than a film festival, she says, and has a free admission price. 

The format helps people who aren't a part of the film community to feel welcome and get into the conversations afterward, she says. 

Following the screenings, Gurewitz gets an entertaining discussion going between filmmakers, which is followed by questions from the audience. Depending on the work, the talk can be serious or comical. "It's very spur of the moment," he says. "Nothing is really planned. I don't really know what I'm doing up there, but I enjoy doing it and the opportunity to talk to filmmakers."

Empty Bottle 2.jpg
Empty Bottle, written by Andrew Muraszewski and directed by Kelly Bancroft
The films being showcased include Empty Bottle, written by Andrew Muraszewski and directed by Kelly Bancroft; The Golden Key, written by Abbie Elrod and directed by Katie Travis; Lucy the Mailbox by Blake Boulka; and Bathesheba's Window by Jesse Dvorak.

Also showing is Snow White, directed by Luke Spencer Johnson with cinematography by Erik Elstran. Snow White has been shown at Cinema Lounge previously, and "it was really something," says West. The film is a dark take on the fairytale, a nightmarish mix between Labyrinth and Amelie, and features a man in drag as the evil stepmother. 


Cinema Lounge
7 p.m. Wednesday, November 21
Bryant-Lake Bowl
810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

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Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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