Show Us Yer 'Stache 2012: VOTE for your favorite mustache now

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ChrisJoSorenson_cr Joseph D.R. OLeary 1.jpg
Photo by Joseph D.R. OLeary
Last year's stylish winner, Chris Sorensen
This November, people have already voted on weighty matters including constitutional amendments and presidential elections. Now it's time to cast your vote on something even bigger: Who has the most awesome mustache? We've received a hearty stack of submissions for our Show Us Yer 'Stache contest. Though many beautiful 'mos arrived in our inbox, we've narrowed the ballot down to five awesome looks.

Now it's your turn to vote. Who has the best 'stache?

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1. Thomas
Thomas Bakken.JPG
Thomas Bakken

2. Joe
Jo Manchu 1.jpg
Joe Moreno

3. MJ

MJ Johnson.JPG
MJ Johnson

4. Sam

Sam Ziemer.jpg
Sam Ziemer

5. Kristopher
Kristopher Freeman.jpg
Kristopher Freeman

Want to know more about these guys and their 'staches? Check out our slideshow featuring contestants (and some other awesome submissions) in our Show Us Yer 'Stache 3: Mustached men of Movember 2012 slideshow. Voting will close at 5 p.m. Friday, November 30. Choose wisely. The man with the mightiest and most popular mustache will win:


$50 from the Red Stag

$50 from Pat's Tap

$50 from Bryant-Lake Bowl

$50 from Barbette

$50 from Jax Cafe

$50 from Midwest Supplies


$75 from Martin Patrick 3


(Prestige not guaranteed.)

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