H&M opens at Uptown's Calhoun Square this Friday

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This could be you this winter

Is the economy on an upswing? Last December, Calhoun Square saw the opening of CB2 , and the Kitchen Window continues to thrive. The building now has another tenant paying their rent, as H&M will be opening a store there this Friday.

The Swedish chain will sell clothing items for men, women, teens, and kids. Pieces are priced starting at $19.99-$24, which puts them safely in the Old Navy/Forever 21 price point range.

The opening-day festivities start Friday, December 14 at noon. The first 100 customers will receive goodies, including a T-shirt and something called an "Access to Fashion Pass" ranging between $10 to $300 in value.

But will they survive the curse that seems to send major chains running from the Hennepin and Lake area? Only time will tell. For now, folks who come to Uptown to shop at Urban Outfitters and Heartbreaker may want to add another stop to their itinerary.

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Calhoun Square

3001 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Really?  Thursday?  All of the signage in Calhoun Square says it opens on Friday, with the first 100 people in line getting a free gift.  Is there maybe a soft opening that you were told about?

Bunny Howe
Bunny Howe

Finally I don't have to travel to the hell of MOA to shop there.


@redmarleymusic No, unfortunately I was working off an older press release and the updates were in a SPAM filter. Sorry for the confusion.

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