Holiday ornaments that will make you go WTF? 2012 edition

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The Walking Dead: The ornament

Zombie ornament.jpg
The Walking Dead

Because nothing says joyeux noel like an ornament with a promo image from a television show about the zombie apocalypse.

Chewbacca ornament:

For the Star Wars fanatic who prefers their tree ornaments to be a little more abstract.

Wood ornament:

What is it Wood.jpg
Wood ornament

But... what IS it? Is it a pine comb? A cocoon? A tree light? A turd? (Perhaps the abstract Star Wars fan can help you decide.)

Owl ornament:

Owl ornament.jpg
Owl ornament

Owls are hip right now, right? This ornament was made with random crap from someone's fridge, and hot-glued together. Charming!

Absolute vodka bottle:

Absolute Vodka.jpg
Vodka bottle

Sadly, this ornament is filled with resin, not alcohol. You can make your own by hitting up a liquor store (or a mini bar), drinking its contents, and shoving the empty bottle in your tree. Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman:

Frosty snowman ornament.jpg
Frosty the Snowman

Weren't Frosty's eyes supposed to be made of coal? These realistic eyeballs will haunt your dreams.

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