I AM MPLS!: Take a closer look at this week's big A-List pic

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Patrick Kelley Worldwide Photography
For the third edition of I AM MPLS!, event creator and producer Sarah Edwards decided to go big with a photoshoot. The resulting image is reminiscent of a Vanity Fair special issue, and Edwards says she got the idea from a Grace Coddington shoot for Vogue. "I love when I'm flipping through fashion mags and there is an image that asks you to study it and evokes curiosity of the story behind it," she says.

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I AM MPLS! brings a variety of local talent together for one epic party

Of course, getting movers and shakers on the Minneapolis scene together for a picture can be a little like herding cats.

"Oh man. I mean, all of these people are so busy, and trying to land a date and time to shoot was near impossible, but everyone was on time. So much work went into this photo but everyone is fairly patient and understands," says Edwards.

Want to take a closer look? City Pages has a special link of the image, taken by Patrick Kelly, that is super big and allows people to look up close. Want to know who someone is? Scroll your mouse over that person for their name and career.

The link:



7 p.m. Thursday, December 6
Varsity Theater
1308 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis

$15/$20 at the door; $50 VIP
A portion of ticket proceeds benefit Public Functionary, an exhibition and community art space that will open in the northeast Minneapolis arts district in January 2013.

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The Varsity Theater

1308 4th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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