Ten 2012 visual arts moments to remember

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FLO(we){u}R drops seeds, not bombs at Soap Factory

FLO(we){u}R ProductionTwo_HighRes.jpg

Last April, visiting artists Joseph Madrigal and Amber Ginsburg brought flower power to the Twin Cities in a big way with their interactive installation. The duo literally turned the Soap Factory back into a production space, turning it into a terra cotta dummy bomb factory. Historically, the structures were originally used to test the accuracy of missile drops during World War I. However, the artists had something different in mind. Together, they hosted a series of events where folks created over 350 bombs, which were then thrown about the city on walking and bike tours. These dummy missiles weren't meant to destroy; each piece was dusted with seeds, so that targeted areas grew little white blossoms. Flower power, indeed.

Le Petit Prince is awesome, though Prince does not agree
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Seattle-based artist Troy Gua has a cool hobby. He takes joys in recreating some of Prince's best looks over the years by hand, photographing the results, and posting them online. Though Le Petit Prince is not for sale, Gua was selling a calendar with his Thunderbirds-style doll in various iconic poses. Le Petit Prince project went viral. Unfortunately,  Prince also took note and sent Gua a cease and desist letter. 
Rosalux turns 10
Rosalux Bart Vargas Past Present Pink.jpg
Bart Vargas
The longest-running artist collective is alive, well, and thriving, as the space celebrated its 10th anniversary with a big group show. Over the years, Rosalux has exhibited up-and-coming artists as well as established folks around town. Previous shows include a yearly benefit party featuring naughty art, a show exploring the color black, and more.

Frank Gaard Retrospective at the Walker

Frank Gaard .jpg
This year, local artists Frank Gaard exhibited over 75 pieces spanning over 50 years of work. The show included older, more controversial pieces exploring religion, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, as well as some of his more recent portrait works featuring friends and family in the artist's day-to-day life.

Northern Spark parties all night

Revelers at the Walker Art Center
What happens when a festival invites folks to stay up all night? This year, Northern Spark made sure the Twin Cities didn't sleep with an insane amount of random activities and happenings. There were pop-up installations, boat rides, art-making meet-ups, dance parties, literary readings, ice shanties, bike rides, and more.

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