Caroline Kent explores transcendence, tesseracts

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A two-ness of spaces that persist despite time by Caroline Kent
Tonight, north Minneapolis's Juxtaposition Arts will be hosting the work of Caroline Kent. The exhibition, "Saint Wilma and the 4th Dimension," will explore transcendence. Kent finds inspiration from such varied things as 1960s track and field star Wilma Rudolph, a four-dimensional cube called a tesseract, and religious iconography.

Determined outcomes predicated by intuitive straining towards the line by Caroline Kent
Kent is a Twin Cities-based artist, a 2009 Jerome Fellow, and a recipient of the MN Artist Initiative Grant. She co-founded the Bindery Projects last year, and is a 2012-13 Creative City Making grant recipient. She will be showing her work for the first time in Juxtaposition Arts' newly revamped gallery space. 

Kent will be exhibiting drawings, plus small and large paintings that are quite sculptural. According to the artist, each medium will get at the idea of transcendence in a different way. 

The smaller paintings are all images of 1960s track and field Olympian Wilma Rudolph. The drawings are not of her body or her as a person, but instead are reduced, she says, with two-dimensional representations of the fourth dimension and hypercubes (tesseracts). The large-scale paintings are created on a rubber track, which are even more reduced visually and conceptually.

An everness that repeats itself in the actions of men by Caroline Kent
Kent is originally from Illinois, and moved to Minnesota in 1998. She currently teaches painting, watercolor, and 2D at Juxtaposition as well as St. Paul College and Bethel, for free. "It makes me feel good," she says, to work with the young students who are interested in painting. She uses the exact same curriculum at both of the colleges and with the high school students.

Traditionally, Kent has had studio practice in painting and drawing, and this body of work is a real deviation, she says. In the past, she's explored identity in terms of place. This show is working more at the macro level. "There are bigger ideas in the work," she says. After this, she'll be in a group show at the Nash Gallery, and then next fall she'll show work at Elephant, an artist-run space in Los Angeles. 


"Saint Wilma and the 4th Dimension"
February 1 through March 24
Juxtaposition Arts
2007 Emerson Ave. N., Minneapolis
There will be an opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, January 31

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Juxtaposition Arts

2007 Emerson Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

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